Slippers Slippers Plush Fuzzy Women Blue Heart Winter Cozy Slippers Indoor Communication is a process where we share our feelings, thoughts, experience, ideas, suggestions, feedback etc. So before communicating with other person we usually think of how to speak, what to speak, when to speak, which channel I should adopt to communicate, how can I make it effective, how to respond to the feedbacks etc.

So process of communication is need not be same i.e. it’s not necessary to follow any persons definitions or explanation. It can be explained on the basis of our knowledge and belief. In process of communication receiver, message, sender, feedback etc are some of the important elements which has their own role and meaning.

Usually the process of communication will not end in our life. We keep on communicating throughout our life and even we keep on communicating on our belief with someone like God. When the process of communication gets over on a particular issue it gives either positive result or negative result.

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In process of communication the idea which plays an important role. It is not possible to communicate with other person without having a meaningful idea. So our minds should generate the ideas in order to pass to another person.

Definition of Communication:

No matter the type or mechanism of communication, every instance of communication must have a message that is being transferred from sender to receiver. In order for communication to be successful, the Women's Carlos Bourbon Boots Brett by Carlos Santana olive pSxnFqStw and receiver must have some signs, words or signals in common with each other so the sent message can be understood. The ideal definition of communication is a 2-way interaction between two parties to transmit information and mutual understanding between themselves. The interchange of information from one party to another is best communicated when a discussion is available so the receiver can ask questions and receive answers to clarify the message.BalaMasa Solid Womens Zipper Boots Suede Toe Black Pointed ZxrZ8dq1nw( link given in reference)

Communication is transfer of information from one person to another, whether or not it elicits confidence. But the information transferred must be understandable to the receiver” – G.G. Brown.


“Communication is the intercourse by words, letters or messages”- Fred G. Meyer.

Slippers Slippers Winter Fuzzy Indoor Blue Women Slippers Heart Cozy Plush According to above definitions it is clear that in every instance of communication there should be a message which being transferred to the receiver. When comes to message it need not be a words having a particular language. So may be in the form of sign which can be understood by the receiver.  The message is not meant for one person. So there should be two parties where one party act as a sender and other party act as a receiver.

In process of communication the understanding between two parties can give better result. Understanding is nothing but the one party usually receiver asking questions or clarifying his doubts on message which sent by sender. This will make the effective communication.

The end of process of communication is depends on the receiver because in case if receiver is not satisfied with message, he may keep on arguing on that particular issue with sender. So the process of arguments may lead to proper or effective communication or it may lead to ineffective communication. So whenever ideas generated by the sender, he should see that the idea are converted to message in such manner that it will gives you enough time to understand and good feedbacks from the another party i.e. receiver.

In a process of communication there are some elements which make the communication easier and systematic. For example: according to Herald D. Lasswell there are five elements or components of communication such as source, message, channel, receiver and effect.

So here the source is nothing but the sender or the person who wants to communicate with others. In order to deliver his thoughts or ideas he makes it as a message which he transfers to the receiver. So the message is received by the person for whom this message has been delivered.

So the receiver who analyze the messages and gives the feedback to the giver. So this is how the process of communication takes place.

In order to complete one process of communication there should be a two or more parties, at least one sender to send the message, the language to understand the message, at least one receiver to receive the message which is conveyed by sender.

If there is only one party, the process of communication is not possible. There should be a one more party to transfer or receive the message.  Before transferring the message we should know about the idea or message because the message will be prepared depends on another party i.e. receiver.  First we should consider the receiver, which group he belongs to, the position or status of that person, the needs of that person. So the message which being send by the sender should be useful to the other person either in the form of informative or knowledge. It must be ensured that the main objective of the message is clear. So in some situation the sender should analyze he audience before giving any speech. For example:  the way of speaking with our relatives is different the way of speaking with our friends. In other words giving speech to hundred people is different to speaking to one person.  In order to make effective communication we should make the people to believe on us.  So in order to make believe we should have complete knowledge on our message which we are going to deliver to others.

When comes to language, we should deliver the message in a simple language which can easily understand by another party.  So language plays an important role in process of communication.  We should see that the message which we are going to deliver should not create any conflict or confusion to receiver. The message should be designed in simple language.

Usually the message is conveyed by media or channel.  So channel is way to transfer the message. As the world is wide the channels are also available in wide area. So selection of channel is depends on the message and receiver. For long distance we usually use the electronic form of communication.  One of the advantages of this type of communication is very fast. It consumes less time and very effective.  Usually the sender will select the channel or media which is suitable for receiver to receive and less expensive.

When selecting the channel by sender, he should see that same form of channel is available to receiver. The receiver should not find any difficulties in receiving the message by any media or channel selected by sender. Here the sender converts the message to his own ideas to understand properly. At this stage the chances of misunderstanding is take place. Because every message have negative and positive effects. So the effective communication depends on how we understand the message either in positive way or negative way.

As we seen in every product which we buy from shop consists a feedback number or email to send feedback about the product. Same things will happen in case of communication. When there is feedback from receiver, it makes the sender to make it understand to the receiver. This will lead to one of effective communication.  Feedback is useful for both sender and receiver.  The response to feedback is depends on the channel of communication which adopted by the sender. Some time we can have face to face communication. At this time the feedback will be given at same time when message is conveyed. So the receiver need not be waiting for a response to his feedback. But in some cases the response for feedback takes time. For example: in case written communication the response of receiver takes time. Where as in verbal communication will not take much time for feedback.

So the feedback is nothing but effect. Usually the some communication takes long term effect as well as short term effect. For example: listening to music will gives the short term effect whereas listening to someone’s talk gives long term effect as we gained some knowledge from his speech.

The communication is also affected by the some external as well as internal factors such as noise, environment, stress etc. For a good communication there should be a good environment. Noise is one element which we cannot avoid in communication.

Gerbners General Model says an event happens in the real life and the massage is perceived by man or a machine. But he finally concludes that a man cannot perceive all the context of the event. He selects the context which he feels interesting and he can understandable. So whatever

message is transferred by the sender is not entirely considered by the receiver. He focus on those context which can be understand by him.

*For example: How a journalist perceives the messages from the event and also can’t focus the whole event so they filter the unwanted or unrelated content from the event. This filtered content is not same as like the actual event content because the journalist edits the content based on his attitude, mood and cultural background or press policies.

So finally in process of communication we should able to communicate each other.  We should understand each other. Whenever we communicate with each other there is something which we gained from it and that knowledge will be used in future communication. So communication is a process which cannot be hidden or controlled by any person. In every movements of our life we communicate with each other.

Communication is not only meant for a human being. Even birds, animals, etc are communicate each other. The difference in communication between animal, birds etc and human being is the process of communication. Except human being others cannot adopt our communication process and even in case of animal or birds we cannot adopt their process of communication.

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In order to conclude on my topic process of communication, it includes certain steps to convey the message from sender to receiver.  The message should convey to the receiver to complete the communication process and it should be understand by the receiver. The process of communication becomes effective when it gives some positive effect. In today’s world the process of communication reached every corner of the world. Technology plays an important role in the success of process of communication. It makes the process of communication very simple and faster.  It also helps to avoid barrier to communication by giving several option of channels and media to convey the message.


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